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RamosCarr, G
Feb 03 9:55 PM EST
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Who’s up for some side bets?
RamosCarr, G
Jan 14 9:01 PM EST
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I setup a signal group for all of you that are interested in hearing why my picks are going to out earn your picks (until they don’t make the cut). https://signal.group/#CjQKICg_smfnhjsL27lKiLC97-PfEe-3J9wAN1KdgaHJUHllEhDaz1EK9aoQ5Wni1JoTFYfz Semper Fi, G RamosCarr
Hohlen, John
Jun 29 6:24 PM EDT
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Thanks Matthew! Happy to you're enjoying the website.
Lamb, Matthew
Jun 29 3:39 PM EDT
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I love this league